'Temporary Redemption' (2000) (re​-​issue 2010)

by Marq DeSouza



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After a whirlwind of shows and promotion, Solarbaby finally slowed down enough to begin work on their second CD. After an album’s worth of tracks were shortlisted for the sophomore effort, Marq realized that there were many worthy songs that for some reason failed to make the cut. Rather than let this material die an obscure death, Marq decided to record a quickie solo effort. Ambitiously sprawling, the record is a virtual history of American rock and roll and a decided left turn from Solarbaby. A song-oriented cycle of old-time folkers, slide guitar slashers, flat out classic rockers, with one knock 'em dead piano ballad at its emotional center. With most all the instrumentation and production (drums all on one track!) handled by Marq, this is probably his most pure and honest recording. Most often compared with Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Wilco, "White Album," era Beatles, "Between the Buttons," era Stones.


released April 20, 2001

Made during the last gasp of the analogue age, the recordings herein began germination on my cassette 4-Track machine, where drums, then electric guitars were laid down live off the floor, no edits or punch-ins. From then, it was onto Utopia Parkway Studios, where those tracks were dumped to ADAT, & the rest of recording was completed.


All vocals & instrumentation by Marq DeSouza

except for...

Drums on track 6 (Shawn Sheers)

Bass on track 4 (John Shepp)

Lap Steel, Keyboards (John Shepp)

Piano on track 5 (Wayne Usselman)

For the re-issue, we took the ADAT masters & transferred them to hard drive at RF Music Studio, where all new vocals & various edits were made before the final re-mix/re-mastering.

Engineering/Producing by Marq DeSouza, with John Shepp (1999) & Rob Fillo (2009) www.robfillo.com. Mastering by Suite Sound Labs.



all rights reserved


Marq DeSouza Vancouver, British Columbia

-A very personal rock album. He also writes from a very moral perspective, which gives his record a strong POV. These songs are not filled with empty thoughts but actually try to say something. (Vancouver Province)

-Inspiration drips from every distorted and bent guitar note, down-but-not-out vocal phrasing, and sneered lyric. (Georgia Straight)
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Track Name: Raze The Living Dead
A pretty girl in tears,
A handstand by a clown
My channel surfing mama's got
The biggest wave in town
But I can't really trust her
Think I'll hit the road instead
Tell the boys on Beale street
We gonna raze the living dead

I asked questions of her body
She answered with her soul
Incomplete before the sun went down
By the morning I was whole
Then night came knocking down the door
And put a pistol to my head
There's other slot machines in Vegas
Where we can raze the living dead

The drugs were working overtime,
Hills were wearing shades
We passed a nuclear family
In the American parade
It was like a Norman Rockwell nightmare
Just like my buddy J-Man said
Reload your wrecking ball
We’re gonna raze the living dead