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'Marq DeSouza' (2006)

by Marq DeSouza

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Through the dawn The walking wounded blaze through thick and thin We soldier on Soon this dying ember may be gone You'll never see me again So you're in? How about a friendly game of truth or dare? I'll begin The answer to this question you might share Just may redeem me If you could be anyone you could be Would you be me with all the weaknesses you've seen? Could you turn things around? Make me a contender? Instead of a pretender Make me see Make me believe Prey becomes predator Hear the sounds The bells are chiming darkly down the road As they toll Seven outcast angels sing us home We all stop to ask them
Daddy Doom 03:28
I've come to paint the town Though you may not know it to look at me I once wore many crowns And the Kingdom I held the keys to every room Where I've been I dare not tell Though it's picturesque in spring and fall The rest a private hell Where my legions of demons They all call me Daddy Doom And if there's one thing that I've learned It's not everything can be forgiven And that every scar I've earned Has been a fair trade for this living I carry around this grudge It's pocket sized and travels light I give a wink and nudge All the rowdies Are all in on the joke Or I assume So leave backwards and in haste Cover up the stumble drunk who falls Not another second waste On these tails that are tall When they're all about Daddy Doom
Seared in time with perspective shifting The butters fly, the burden's lifting Surreal real photographs My mind has ripped in half You weren't well you had to leave us Turned to drugs and then to Jesus A cure for every ill In prophets or in pills Now you're back to claim what once was yours But I see through the chain that holds this door Think back to the days of tears Grenade like fingers in my ears I had to pull the pin To let the truth rush in Read all the books, sat in on lectures Just to be your sole protector But therapeutic words Just breadcrumbs for the birds A skeleton, I danced upon your strings Waiting for the flesh your breath might bring All our investors needed proof Some fixed star of our loves truth But the sound of singing swans Said you were already gone A slow descent I watched you lose control Suck the very marrow from my soul Had to sail through a sea of illusion To make sense of things What your tomorrow might bring Closure comes but can we settle The words still come out like smoking metal So bat your eyelash and smack those luscious lips Any lust you stir has been eclipsed
You said I knew you, I said you knew me too That we were willing to ride this train through But in the end where did it get us Another wilted head of lettuce rolling down the aisle Life is a rainbow, but I was stuck in a drought We did the rain dance, trying to bring the storm out But when it hit, didn't see it coming Started running from the thunder wondering why? We think we know good from bad Laying down the cards with the wrong hand Sometimes I think I knew more when I was a child If I was vain/lame would you tell me? Or do you have humble pie/a rocking chair to sell me? I may be thousands of things, but I've never been mild In every tale you get a word from the wise We took the low road to be the first to watch the sunrise But we were rooted in the diluted That road was washed out almost from the start But I'm a genius in my own weird way I always saw us as either magnets or clay Guess I was so wrong to think a love song Would be the way to bridge the distance to your heart So if you think this dream is really dead You better hide back in your shell instead You better tuck right in, you better tuck right in So here we are now, has it all been a joke I want the real you, but it's all mirrors and smoke But I ain't dead yet, in fact I'm dead set On making all the actors jealous of your part
Bulletproof 04:15
Existing in the shadows of a best forgotten dream But I held sway while the Hound dogs bayed Turning whispers to a scream Traded lies for eyes And I traded teeth for truth Turned this shell Hard as hell Now I'm bulletproof Demanded absolution for things better left unsaid But I was wrong and too far gone Underworked and overfed As the cookie crumbles Said goodbye to my cruel youth I took that clown And I wore him down And now he's bulletproof I'd like to leave you something More than a nosebleed on your mirror You've been so kind And you even signed On days when I couldn't hear The morning light is breaking Through a sliver up on the roof My canker smile is stretched out to a mile As I lie here bulletproof
Years have gone by like a snap of the finger Though her feelings may have changed, mine only linger Just to get a glimpse of her You should have caught us, we were really quite a pair I called it the ultimate, she just called it an affair Just to get a glimpse of her I wonder if she wonders if I'm even still alive She knew I had a hurting heart the second she said goodbye Just to get a glimpse of her Seduction is a funny game and I'll master it somehow But I'm running out of precious time and I need it now I wonder what time has done to her face How much of me the intervening years and new gentlemen have erased Just to get a glimpse of her At the end of the day, you know you've had it rough If you have to stop and think too hard Hey, have I ever really been in love There was a time when even the most mundane was magic You were mine and life was all apostrophed But it's fine, the script turned tragic They take away your sidekick and they leave you here to bleed When we first met I was in the belly of this beast But my future is gonna rise just as soon as I add the yeast Just to get a glimpse of her I still believe in loves redemptive power If I didn't, I swear to god that I'd be gone within the hour Just to get a glimpse of her I tried to mask it, I tried to hide it When addiction came along I thought I'd hop aboard and ride it Just to get a glimpse of her In this game of solitaire I still have a place to strive We all know that love's the pain that makes your life alive
Hear a marked man's dying plea They want more from me than misery A broken hand or a shot up knee Loaded Glock, shell-shocked, crowbar spree My broken promises all over the floor I'm barricading padlocked doors I see my future and it's filled with gore Dead end, no friends, what the hell do I do now? I gotta get some money, somehow Money changers at the gates of sin Threw me out now it's sink or swim Some people say I should turn myself in Got nothing to lose and nothing to win Had to do it I was under the spell Greed is king on the road to hell Blow the whistle, ring the final bell Had it made in the shade until I broke the sacred vow Maybe I'll fake my own suicide Hit the low road, try to hide Become a mercenary on anyone's side Find and old lady, try to make her my bride Thought I committed the perfect crime Filled my cup with someone else's wine Sometimes life can take a twist of lime It's bittersweet and now deceit has taken it's final bow
Razorburn 06:53
How could I resist the glory train that went on by I was in a picture frame doing my damndest not to cry Then I dreamed Ezekeil, by a gleaming glow of bronze His face was reaffirmed by razorburn You can relocate the grave, but it's still a place where dead bones lie Or waste away your prime, shoving a camel through a needle's eye But I'll still be in the game, travelling A to Z It started as a germ, razorburn Samantha's seventeen, a student of philosophy Seems like a million years ago I believed in immortality Still a kiss can make it worth all the toil in the dirt I'm crawling like a worm, through razorburn Speaking of the way, the spirit fights the hand I tore my flesh away in a life sized frying pan Because Leonard Cohen said, "everbody knows" But I'm still trying to learn about razorburn Savannah's like a doll, made of porcelain and wax Either that or I'm a monster or a pyromaniac But I know that there's two sides to every bloody war I finally get my turn with razorburn
Didn't know your name before you walked in the door So I called you star when I saw you shoot through the floor I asked your friends what made you tick How you like to get your kicks They all said you're decadent to the core You were standing by the condom coin machine Looking for some change inside your jeans But I could break a bill for you Show you how to use one too Treat me right and I'll be your rubber queen You got the right fuel to make my motor fly All you had to say was hi I get hypnotized You make my temperature rise I've made a mess of love every time I've tried So many skeletons in the freezer that I've got to hide But passion's not a body count We went full tilt, the lights went out Since that point it's been a bumpy ride I read your fortune, it's written in my eyes I get high, I get high, I get high This kind of thing I normally don't do It's just that I felt I knew you And your eyes were so puppy dog true Like an ocean of emotion, I wanted to swim it for awhile Lose myself in your smile Wrap my legs around you like glue And little could I have guessed when I got dressed Today I'd play a leading man in a script straight out of a Penthouse Letter's dream Starring a B-cup movie queen Directed by Cecil B. Demented On a 3-D movie screen I got a craving you gotta satisfy I may scar your body not your soul I love to love but also need control My fingertips are full of sin If you be good, we both could win I'm digging deep so jump into the hole
A Lucky Man 04:58
Everybody says I'm a lucky man Just because I come across so well Except for you I seemed to break you down It took me way to long to understand Just why you started treating me like hell I've lost again now what I thought I'd found That day I swore was gonna be the day I'd take a deep breath and let go And I'd admit what you'd already know That you always make me lonesome when you go But I know your love deserves a better fitting No ragged vagabonds or thieves And not some boy as immature as me You took the bait when I was kidding Next thing you're asking me to leave So who was wrong? I think we'd disagree Right now I'll tell you what you're thinking And lay the truth right on the line We were never meant to be so intertwined Now you got no petty reason to be unkind Since I last saw you days go by Like picket fence posts on the highway I used to count, now I don't even try Some truth's are too hard to deny Once you cross that certain state Our fate was sealed before we said goodbye So don't you worry about me calling I get your message loud and clear But I think that given time you'll want me near In the meantime you can find me over here
Some Guy 03:38
I don't wanna be some guy who makes his living lying I don't wanna be some guy who always has to pretend Seven long years I waited for a life I thought I was fated Nothing now can make up what was lost Combing my hair to one side Trying so hard in vain to hide the dreams that freedom cost I've learned not to really care how words vanish in the thin night air It's in the wind Went through emotions like paper towels All the motions of adjectives and vowels Where do I begin? Because I'm not some dress up doll in the window of your local mall Because I'm not some local loser, driving around in a rented cruiser I don't wanna be some guy who's always in denial I don't wanna be some guy, a model citizen
Where did all your wit go? It used to slash and burn Left me here in a flaming wreck But now that tide has turned Where did all your wit go? Still wanna take me on? Your soul's as strong as withered straw You broke the moral laws Where did all your wit go? It left you in the dust All your wicked prophecies turned out to be a bust Where did all your wit go? Your coat and hat don't hide The gut and heart that's missing Or your mistress from your bride Where did all your wit go? I doubt it's in the sky The birds would not be airborne Too poisonous to fly Where did all your wit go? Your begging bowl is dry Caught on to your agenda Of deceit and dirty lies Given power by fools who serve only to protect their tyranny So I escaped and made a fire to burn the past, protect, and to preserve What I believe Where did all your wit go? Have you lost your huckster's pitch? You'd bottle and sell your mother's milk if it would make you rich Think of the corruption You've left your fellow man To steal bread from your brother's mouth You'd proudly give your hand For years I had to stand alone while even shepherds stand among their flock And even built my tombstone, and wrote my will with nothing left to give On a painted rock Where did all your wit go? Looks like it cracked the mirror Cut you in half, and now God's wrath Is finally what you fear Where did all your wit go? Have you looked inside your heart? Are you feeling retribution yet? For the lives you tore apart Where did all your wit go? It caught you by surprise To one moment be worshiped And the next to be despised Where did all your wit go? Looks like it left you pain Right when all your politics Were about to be ordained Following the prophets words, a promise truth will one day rise above A crow as black as coal was seen flying into the sun, but he returned And was a dove Where did all your wit go? It once led many men But all your greed did was mislead them Into the lions den Where did all your wit go? It's like a fugitive It must have fleed when God decreed You had no time to live
Was I asleep? In some carnivorous nightmare Where my body had no form at all Threw a scream At zero gravity darkness Hit the edge of some internal wall I swallowed hard I stepped forth from the fire Where a loop of endless process plays In my palm The whole world is imploding While my heart grows madder by the day I turned the tide On this psychic projection For every norm I lost a real concern Now I ride Accompanied by no shadow Pushed along by winds that burn So here I stand Amid these spiraling visions I surf the rush through every coursing vein Here I'm bound By no rules of engagement Where the monologue is all that remains
I came into this world so invisible and free No broken thoughts of things not to be I was graced with kind eyes, though laced with surprise Who knew that soon I would fall? The years passed on by, my loneliness grew high Stuck here on the ground with a dream in the sky All the children would play, they would call out my name But I could not go there at all There's too big a price, living false paradise My hand of fate rests with a roll of the dice And the hymns of God speak to the frail and the weak But my ears were deaf to the song How I longed for a time when every reason would rhyme And every destination wouldn't seem like a climb But my past is a chain, like Abel to Cain Haunted by what I've done wrong The only real love I knew was always with you From daydreams to nightmares you saw me through But now it's back to dark days, and without sunlight's rays What hope do I have to survive So the sky is still gray on this divided highway No one I've met since can convince me to stay There's no place I want to be, no face I want to see Except yours, tonight by my side


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'Prey Becomes Predator' kicks things off in chrome-metallic fashion, targeting both modern & classic rock formats. 'Daddy Doom' expands the palette with paint-like guitar textures burying pure poetry. 'You Haven't Changed...', 'Some $...', & 'Some Guy', all have the crossover radio potential of the best sing-a-long singles. Acoustic, live off the floor takes of 'Divided Highway' & 'Lucky Man' show a more introspective side. 'All You Had To Say...', an innuendo filled duet with Los Angeles rocker Amanda Sonic, is a sexy gem. Deeper album tracks like 'Bulletproof', 'Where Did All Your Wit Go?' and the slow-burn epic 'Razorburn' level the album out with effortless eclecticism. 'When I Was A Child' & 'Glimpse Of Her' cook like the best jam bands, but trimmed lean & mean. The record reaches its sonic/thematic climax with the white-noise, emotional anarchy of 'The Monologue...'


released April 20, 2006

Musicians: Marq DeSouza, Mark Haney, David Gannett, A.C. Macauley, Allan Rodger, Marty Ballentyne, Brian Welsch, Josh Shepp, Todd Kerns, Shawn Sheers, Amanda Sellers, Gen Derlachter, Jon Anderson
Production/Mixing: Marq DeSouza, Jon Anderson, Kory Burk, Jay Evjen, Ryan Froggatt, Chad Hunt, Todd Kerns, John Shepp
Editing: Scott Cooke
Mastering: Jamie Sitar
Photography: Michele Gilmore, Rebecca Blissett, Kory Burk
Artwork Design: Eye Teaser


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Marq DeSouza Vancouver, British Columbia

-A very personal rock album. He also writes from a very moral perspective, which gives his record a strong POV. These songs are not filled with empty thoughts but actually try to say something. (Vancouver Province)

-Inspiration drips from every distorted and bent guitar note, down-but-not-out vocal phrasing, and sneered lyric. (Georgia Straight)
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