The Power Of Negative Prayer (1998)

by Marq DeSouza



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Nominated best local debut in the prestigious Georgia Straight Music Awards. This album was a critical and college radio smash that took the Vancouver scene by storm in the summer of 1998. This probably due to the fact that it was released after only a handful of live gigs had been performed. It is an indie lo-fi tour de force, often described by Marq as "cubist power pop." Short, jagged songs crashing into more lush, rounder visions. Arena ready anthems spat out by a garage-y trio with a punk attitude. Most reviews focused on the lyrics. A schizophrenic collage of puns inversed, sexual innuendo, and caustic wit walking the fine line between comedy and tragedy. Also had a shade of the country texture that would come out more in future releases. Most often compared with Cheap Trick, Elvis Costello, The Replacements, Guided By Voices, Smashing Pumpkins, "Some Girls," era Stones.


released January 1, 1998



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Marq DeSouza Vancouver, British Columbia

-A very personal rock album. He also writes from a very moral perspective, which gives his record a strong POV. These songs are not filled with empty thoughts but actually try to say something. (Vancouver Province)

-Inspiration drips from every distorted and bent guitar note, down-but-not-out vocal phrasing, and sneered lyric. (Georgia Straight)
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Track Name: Cheap Words Like Happiness
So you went to private school
Memorized the protocal
Gave some nickels to the poor
Until they tore the Berlin Wall
Then your chips were all cashed in
On the bible that you read
At the Vegas Holiday Inn
The blackjack dealer said

Cheap words like happiness
Will let you down

There was nothing left to say
In the revenge of Kalamazoo
All the alligators proved to you
That all I said was true

And that's why I'm still the king
I bring a sense of attitude/deja vu to all I do...

Who's gonna sing you songs
When you get the V-chip blues?
Just like Nixon at the Alamo
You'll be forced to use
Track Name: Satellite Technology
Louder you're fading
A voice on a tin-can wire of love
I'm dedicating
A poem on the sonar waves above
Is it so bad you never want to come back to me?
I will find you through satellite technology

I know remorses
They send me bad karma in the mail
For shooting the horses
When the pony express was thrown in jail

Do you feel safe?
Did someone make your dreams so self-assured?
I'm writing you a song
I'll send it with a singing bird
Track Name: Amaretto
Back in Amarillo
I keep a picture by the seashells
Name is Amaretto
Smart enough to win the Nobel

Where to find the magic healing touch?
When you're skipping double-dutch

Amaretto phone me when you land
Whether you're in Belfast or Japan
Every telegram you send to me
I'll go in the yard and plant a tree

Working in a steel mill
Memory is off from five to two
Scarfing down the diet pills
Less I have to feel the way I do

Do you believe in fairy tails?
Track Name: Losing Time
It's time to break this spell and figure out why I ain't feeling well
The psychics on the phone they can't really tell
I dumped my gal last night I blamed it on voodoo and kryptonite
The sex it was OK, but I'm used to dynamite

I guess I can't forget your lips wrapped tight around that cigarette
But I still got my pictures and videocassettes
It's never quite the same, and in the end I always kindafeel ashamed
But I can taste you on my tongue every time I breathe your name

And I'm all into you
But it's losing time

I'm stopping this charade before I get the notebook and the razor blade
'Cause I can't hide my misery with parties and parades
You're silent in your charms like the statue in the Louvre that ain't got no arms
The mistress of your era, a goddess from the stars

I take cabs to watch you dance with the money I was gonna use to move to France
I got bruises on my neck from the dog chains of romance
I'm on your trail like a private eye, buzzing round town like a Spanish fly
I'm the twin that makes you whole, your sexy Gemini

This ship is sinking fast
We'll save the women and children last
Take a spaceship to the sun first class
Track Name: Venus de Milo Clocks
Little darling don't cry All your seasons will fly
I will declassify All the documents you need
I will take you places Show you funny faces
Under the steeplechases Where the horses all run free
Venus De Milo Clocks in a Mona Lisa Lounge
No wonder I'm so confused Waiting for the sky to fall down
I was so mistaken Numbed my heart from breaking
And all the money-raking could not buy me a clue
Underneath the streetlights I've been in the streetfights
Those were scary nights But the sun is breaking through
Venus De Milo Clocks in a Mona Lisa Lounge
No wonder you're so confused Waiting for the sky to fall down