Another Sidewalk's Bloody Dream (2001)

by Marq DeSouza



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For the official second album by Solarbaby, the band did not to want simply repeat what worked so well the first time, so a radical re-invention was put into place. Gone are the lo-fi sonics and kitchsy wordplay of their debut. A world weary frustration blankets the words and melodies. Taking full advantage of a full studio set up, the band worked hard to trim the fat of excessive arranging, while maintaining the rough charm inherent in the revealing lyrics. Where the first album featured a one minute track, the closer here clocks in at over ten! Most songs respect the classic styling of the giants of rock. The exception is the first single/video. "Benzedream," a distinct jolt of 70's glam with a trip-hop beat countering that familiar, "(I can't no) Satisfaction," feeling. Here's what A&R at a leading Canadian label had to say after hearing an advance copy of the disc. "The songwriting is terrific. There is a huge Rolling Stones vibe to it. This sounds like it could have been the lost record, in the height of their success. There are many excellent songs on here, hard to choose favorites!" Nominated favorite local debut album in the Georgia Straight Music Awards.


released January 1, 2001



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Marq DeSouza Vancouver, British Columbia

-A very personal rock album. He also writes from a very moral perspective, which gives his record a strong POV. These songs are not filled with empty thoughts but actually try to say something. (Vancouver Province)

-Inspiration drips from every distorted and bent guitar note, down-but-not-out vocal phrasing, and sneered lyric. (Georgia Straight)
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Track Name: Born Again Then Buried Alive
Here we go again, collecting permanent bruises
And through the wind, attract the bomb diffusers
This merry's-gone down, eclipsed the pretty sounds

Born again then buried alive
Born again then buried alive

The lepers leer as they drag me to the spotlight
They clap and cheer my bulimia and frostbite
They accept the cross just when all hope is lost

Life's river is gin and me I'm a diving drunk
Sailed through sin, but now that boat is sunk

Live wire sticking out to start the execution
They list my flaws, reject my contributions
So sick of politics, it's the same old parlor tricks

No more cheap words
No more singing birds
The final trumpet will soon be heard
Then it shall wipe away every last tear

I'm post apocalyptic now
Sunlight scared and drop dead gorgeous too
Track Name: Benzedream
I'm seeing stars through a salmonella gleam
When yesterday moved forward I was cut off at the stream
Are you surprised to see me still alive?
If I didn't like your honey, I wouldn't have shook your hive

Did I forget to remember to forget?
I thought that crying would help but all it did was make me wet
In the mirror, all I see is rearview eyes
Focusing on yesterday trying to rearrange the lies

Medicine has come so far, now it's done with laser beams
And Benzedream

Somebody leave and bring back the olden days
I always thought that someday I would go out in a blaze
But now I'm here, can't even ride a wave
My ministers trying to get me to admit that I've been saved
In my spine, I got a bone they call regret
I hate guitar, I'd have gone so far if I learned the clarinet
I'm getting well, with mother mercy's touch
I tried to steal her Buick but I couldn't reach the clutch

Everything your mother said was true, does it make you wanna scream?
Track Name: Personal Questions
Please stop asking me these personal questions
I got nothing left to say from places down below
Please stop asking me these personal questions
Disowned this heart long ago

If you keep asking me these personal questions
Gonna hop a jet plane to South America
Throw my baggage in the rain forest
Burn everything that I ever saw

Gotta keep it hid away
Buried deep inside of a rhapsody
Gotta keep it hid away
Someplace they can never see
Sits so bitter in my stomach
Lies like poison on my tongue

So quit asking me these personal questions
Got too much building up without you throwing bones
Please stop asking me these personal questions
I'll tell you everything that I know
Track Name: Only Grown
I sinned from the cradle
Almost to the grave
You prayed at the table
Composing concertos on the xylophone

Did you build the pyramids?
Or did I just paint this world?
Inside of my eyelids
As we slept on the banks of Sierra Leone

I'm missing the limelight
Your tenderness brings
I realize this dark night
My love for you has only grown

Angels in chains
Forty nights of rain are all the same

You didn't have to sympathize with my lies
By the weeping willow
At the edge of my bed
My heads on my pillow
Filming a scene in the forbidden zone

I needed your blessing
To dream it complete
But since you've been missing
My love for you has only grown